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The American Society for Deaf Children provides resources for hearing families, d/Deaf children, and d/Deaf adults, as well as other professionals.

Hands and Voices is a strong network of families, professionals in all related fields, state/federal tech support resources, modality-based groups, institutions of higher education, service providers, and consumers who are deaf or hard of hearing. We help each other by sharing ideas and advice, collaborating on projects, and passing on information of interest to each other.

Gallaudet University's Deaf and Hard of Hearing Child Resilience Center was created to address the gap between these children who have experienced trauma and the mental health services they deserve.

Rachel Coleman, a hearing parent of a Deaf daughter, created Signing Time to teach ASL to families. She also provides resources for hearing parents.

MyDeafChild is another helpful resource for parents to get more information on raising a d/Deaf child.

The American Society for Deaf Children is another excellent resource for parents.

Family Resources from the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center 

A Parent's Guide from the CDC is another helpful resource.

The National Association of the Deaf also has some resources for parents.

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